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May 25, 2011: Q&A: GURPS Horror

GURPS HorrorWith the recent upload of the PDF of GURPS Horror, we've gotten some questions about the printed version coming this August. Let's take care of some of them here.

Will GURPS Horror be available in hardcover?
Yes! The print version will be hardcover, with black and white interior illustrations. We know this will disappoint some fans who like the full-color art of previous releases. It disappointed us, too. But as printer costs change, we need to experiment to keep each release at a reasonable price point.

What will the print version cost?
$29.95 -- the same price as GURPS Low-Tech, but you get 16 extra pages.

What's changed between this edition and the last one?
I'm sure you can guess that all the stats have been upgraded from GURPS Third Edition to Fourth, so I won't mention that. Kenneth Hite has added new and disturbing powers, expanded rules for madness and corruption, and an updated bibliography. One of the sample campaigns -- Madness Dossier -- has been removed . . . but don't worry! It will return as a much-expanded supplement on e23.

I found an error in the PDF! Is there time to fix it before the book goes to print?
Yes, but don't dawdle -- the fixes will be gathered on May 31. Report any actual errors you may find here. Non-errors -- like "I want more books by Kenneth Hite!" or "Why didn't you mention the Wilhelm Scream?" or "I don't understand how Affliction works" -- should be directed to non-errata folks. The GURPS forum is a great place to start.

-- Paul Chapman

My Unplanned Trip To LA

You didn't really think I was going to spoil anything here, did you? The plan was for Andrew to fly out to LA and participate in an event that will help introduce Munchkin to a larger audience. A few days in LA, and then back to Austin in time to turn around and rush off to a convention. All well and good . . . except that Andrew ended up sick and couldn't make the trip.

So I went in his place.

Okay, this was my first time on a set and it was a bizarre -- but fun! -- situation where I chatted about Munchkin; showed off Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice; handed out some promo cards, bookmarks, and coins; and eventually found myself being directed. About 12 hours at the studio for what's going to be roughly four seconds of me doing something I cannot discuss at this time. Oh, and our contacts at FNORD let me know that they captured my soul and are debating on who to sell it to. Not that anyone who knows me would say that losing my soul will affect things . . .

But that wasn't enough for a trip to LA, so I stuck around one more day to visit the offices of . . . what? Still? Okay, I'm being told that we have not yet announced that project, so at the moment all I can do is say that I loved visiting the secret offices of entertainment and likely drooled a little more than I should have on their statues, books, floors, movie props . . . now what? Too far? Fine.

Sorry, guys, but it looks like the best I can say for now is: be ready for an announcement. As has been already mentioned, Steve will be at Comicpalooza, where -- on Saturday, May 28th -- he'll announce one of our secret projects. The others will stay secret . . . for now.

-- Phil Reed

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