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June 8, 2011: Howard Days On Friday

Technically, the Robert E. Howard celebration, Howard Days, takes place on Friday and Saturday, but my plan is to attend on Friday and then drive home Saturday morning. And, in a bizarre twist of fate, this mini-vacation, planned months ago, will now include just a little work. I'll be meeting with our partners at Paradox Entertainment to announce the upcoming Munchkin Conan the Barbarian. Yeah, even my vacations are no escape from work . . . but I can't really complain when my "work" includes spending time with the owners of the world's most savage barbarian.

I'll be digging through the swap meet, attending a few panels, and mostly just having a great time all day on Friday. And if I know how my brain works, I'll be posting pics to my Twitter account and most likely posting my thoughts over at battlegrip.com either Friday night or Saturday morning. So even if you can't make it to Howard Days, you'll have a few chances to see the show through my eyes.

I'm going to have way too much fun.

-- Phil Reed

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