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June 26, 2011: Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice Bag Win Origins Awards

The headline says it all. The Origins Awards for 2010 were announced last night, and Zombie Dice and the Cthulhu Dice Bag both won in their categories. And much jubilation did ensue! So thank you . . .

  • To everyone who voted!
  • To everyone who has bought and played with either of them!
  • To everyone who has said we should do more zombie and Cthulhu stuff. We will, because it's still funny.
  • To everyone who has grumbled at the zombie and Cthulhu stuff we've already done, because , to put it in a dispassionate and scientific way, we were right and you were wrong, nyah.

Seriously. Thank you. As we always say (because it's true), it's an honor just to be nominated. But it's very, very cool to win!

-- Steve Jackson

Munchkin Deluxe


Phil Put The "Deluxe" In Munchkin Deluxe

Munchkin Deluxe should arrive in our warehouse any day now. Due to the frustrating limitations of logistics (When will game-beaming technology arrive? And where's my flying car?), you may not see it on store shelves until the end of July. But that gives us time to discuss what is actually "deluxe" about Munchkin Deluxe.

First, levels are counted using a game board. Long-time gamers know that any level counter that's left in the hands of the person whose level it's counting will inevitably get "bumped." Strangely, that error always seems to increase the level, never decrease. But with the board, everyone can see who's first level, and who's ninth.

The graphic reminder of your levels helps if you're playing with younger gamers as well. The board is designed to look like a dungeon, and your pawn's progression makes a physical connection between your level and victory. Plus, when you level up you get to make smashing sounds as your pawn stomps past the others.

Pawns? Oh, yes. 1" tall figures of the Super Munchkin are included, in six colors for six players. (The Super Munchkin insists that we measure to the top of his horns, which would make him 1.25" or 3cm. And since he's got that hammer, we'll go with that.) And to keep track of who is which color, six player cards mark your color . . . and your sex! No more "forgetting" that curse when you need to use the Gentleman's Club.

Munchkin Deluxe is the perfect "first Munchkin" set -- and the holidays are closer than you think, so think about who you want to inflict Munchkin on! Watch the Daily Illuminator for the "on sale now" announcement in late July!

-- Paul Chapman

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