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February 21, 2023: Hexagram #11 Now On Kickstarter!

Our latest issue of Hexagram, our zine supporting The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, is now live on Kickstarter!

Articles in this issue include:

  • If It Weren't For Bad Luck . . ., By Christopher Rice
  • Broken Spells, By Steve Jackson
  • Questions Three – Steve Jackson, Interviewed by Phil Reed
  • Street Children of Cidri, By Howard Kistler
  • The Head of Baphomet, By Howard Kistler
  • Greenwolves, By P.D. Haynie
  • Calling Forth the Full Bestiary: Expanding Summoning in TFT, By T. Carter Ross
  • Seven Deadly Motivations, By Irene Zielinski
  • Futhark Puzzles, By Benjamin Williams and Steve Jackson
  • Letter to Lord Harshawn Concerning the Huldre Nob Apparition, By Stefan Jones
  • Patron at Large: Oswolt, The Urchin King, By David Austin
  • Book Descriptions, By Jean McGuire
  • The Skull Obelisks, By James Eisert

In addition to the zine, we've also got the latest entry in the Quick Quest series and your chance at the three custom dice sets that are featured in this newest issue of Hexagram. Please click here to visit the Kickstarter page and join us before the project comes to a close!

-- Phil Reed

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