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February 16, 2023: Munchkin Digital Gets A New Patch

The team at Dire Wolf continue to support Munchkin Digital throughout the Early Access period with updates 1.1.0, and a few smaller bug fixes in 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. The broad strokes of the newest update include improvements to the tutorials, quality of life improvements with sounds and effects to make card actions more clear, a variety of UI improvements, and some tweaks to help aid players who make some common mistakes. They've also added German to the supported languages! There are also a number of general bug fixes that continue to be ironed out. You can find the list of these and other fixes and updates in the patch notes on Steam

As always, thanks to all the players who are helping to report bugs and patiently waiting for these updates! We've seen a lot of improvements, and Dire Wolf's team has been on point in trying to address issues as they appear. We know some folks can get annoyed at bugs, so we really do appreciate the time you take when you take that deep breath and report them to help improve the game. The more Bad Stuff that gets fixed, the better the game is and the more widely it can be launched. Keep playing, and keep reporting those bugs! 

-- Hunter Shelburne


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