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February 9, 2023: Calo's Book Of Monsters


In my spare time, I love to create things. Over the last few years, thanks to the pandemic, I've had more time since I'm stuck in traffic far less than ever before and sleeping less than the pre-pandemic days. I've produced dozens of personal works, from music to books, and now one of those creations has found its way to the Steve Jackson Games catalog.

Calo's Book of Monsters is a 64-page book for use with the Mörk Borg roleplaying game. Created under their generous third-party license, this book details new monsters for the game and includes a d66 table of rumors and a tiny hexcrawl. The book has been quite successful as an indie work, selling 1,000 copies in hardcover and a few thousand copies in PDF. That, plus the continued success of Mörk Borg, made it a great choice to experiment with taking one of these independent works into distribution under the Steve Jackson Games brand.

Calo's Book of Monsters is now on the boat and expected to land at the warehouse this month. Please keep an eye on your local store so that you can get a close look at the book once it has shipped to our distribution partners. I'm particularly proud of this book and look forward to seeing how the world responds to the wider release of this small, indie RPG creation.

-- Phil Reed

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