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February 1, 2023: Kickstarter Reports, February 2023 Update

We are starting the year off strong with Wiz-War! This new edition of Tom Jolly's classic boardgame has been waiting for a shot at crowdfunding, and we are hoping that everything proceeds smoothly enough that we can fulfill the campaign this summer and then offer the game to stores in the fall. We have more projects to take to Kickstarter, but the exact order is a tad murky as we continue to adapt to the chnging world.

Read on to see the active projects . . . and please follow us on Kickstarter  Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23  to see what comes next.

Wiz-War, Tom Jolly's Classic Boardgame Returns!

  • January 23 to February 2
  • 1,576 backers and on schedule
  • The Kickstarter campaign comes to a close tomorrow! The game is at the factory, through the tooling process, and everything is on track to ship later this year.

Rose Labyrinth Roleplaying Game Adventure Set

  • December 19 to January 2
  • 353 backers and on schedule
  • Once we receive the finished rulebooks, then we can move to the fulfillment stage. Everything else is done.

CARnage – Cars and weapons for auto combat games

  • November 25 to December 7
  • 1,172 backers and on schedule
  • Surveys have closed and we plan to ship the rewards this month. Wish us luck!

Munchkin Witches, 30 Cards for Steve Jackson's Munchkin

  • October 31 to November 10
  • 984 backers and on schedule
  • We're down to waiting for the factory to finish manufacturing and then the joy of freight. Everything is moving forward as planned. One pleasant surprise? The BackerKit funding total exceeded the Kickstarter funding total. (Of course, a chunk of the BackerKit revenue is shipping and not actual money we keep, but even with that subtracted, the add-on sales in BackerKit were fantastic. Lots of mini-expansions will be shipping to Munchkin players thanks to this campaign!)

As you can see, we are at four open campaigns. Two of them are close to the fulfillment stage and the other two are on schedule. With luck, we'll bring several more projects to Kickstarter this year. 

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We do not yet have exact launch dates for our next Kickstarter campaigns, so please follow both Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 on Kickstarter so that you don't miss anything.

-- Phil Reed

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