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December 21, 2020: Reprints For April

Go on an adventure next April with a GURPS reprint, as well as a special second printing for a dice set that you can use with your favorite RPG campaign, even GURPS. How convenient! 


GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns

The universe is yours to create!
GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns combines information from the Third Edition GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Compendium II – plus our new core setting, with infinite possibilities for timeline-hopping adventure! (You don't have to play in the core setting – there isn't some game-altering metaplot – but it's there if you want it.)
This 240-page, full-color book contains everything a GM needs to create and run a GURPS Fourth Edition campaign.


Kitten d6 Dice Set

With all new dice colors for the second printing!

Featuring the adorable artwork of Katie Cook, this set of twelve 16mm six-sided dice brings mischievous kittens to your favorite game! Just be careful when you take these cute kitty and paw print dice to your next gaming session; the other cat fanatics at the table may try to knock the dice to the floor and keep them for their own!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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