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December 13, 2012: It's Holiday Game Day!

As you might imagine, there are a few perks for working at a game company.

One of the things we all look forward to each year is our pair of Game Days, one of which is today! Yes, it's pretty much what it sounds like: twice a year, on Hallowe'en and before we close for the holidays, the whole office gets together, plays games, and has a party. The only hard and fast rule is they can't be our games -- one of the reasons why we do this is to see what else is out there.

Among the big hits last time were the Korean game Toc Toc Woodman and the German game Looping Louie. I have no idea what we're playing this year, but I'm looking forward to it.

I managed to take some pictures of this past Hallowe'en Game Day, where some of us went in costume -- both I and IT Manager Jimmie coincidentally dressed as the Dude from The Big Lebowski. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I will be sure to take more today. If you have any great suggestions as to what games we should try, let us know via Twitter!

-- Andreas Stein

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