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December 10, 2012: Get Double-Crossed On The Road!

Car Wars Deluxe Road Sections Set 2: Intersections

Not every trip on the road is a straight-forward fight to the death against murderous cyclists. Sometimes you need to merge! The harrowing excitement of intersecting roadways comes to life with Car Wars Deluxe Road Sections Set 2: Intersections, newly arrived at e23. Designed for Car Wars, it includes a four-way intersection, left-hand and right-hand turnouts, half-length road sections, and more. Each road section comes with unscathed and damaged versions, so you can replicate driving on pristine pavement or a ruined roadway (which feels surprisingly similar to driving in modern-day Philadelphia).

This set also includes a bunch of additional counters, including a toll booth, medium-sized and giant craters, ice patches, and more. With this set and a good printer, your road can cross over more often than a superhero universe!

-- Steven Marsh

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