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April 8, 2011: Munchkin Stays On Target!

As we posted last week, Target is testing Munchkin in their stores. After one week, it's significantly outperforming two other popular hobby games that are also being tested.

If your local Target is one of those running the test, we'd love to hear your impressions about how Munchkin is displayed and marketed, because this is very new to us. Did they put it with other, similar games, or is it off somewhere by itself? Was it stocked deeply, or was there just one copy on the shelf? Was it face out or spine out? Please drop Angie Kreuser a note with your thoughts.

(If your local Target is not one of those running the test, we feel your pain: the closest one to SJ Games is the other side of Houston.)

Thanks for your help and your support!

-- Andrew Hackard

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