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September 30, 2021: Random Fun Generator 2 Campaign Ends Today


Our Kickstarter campaign for Random Fun Generator 2, a new (stand-alone) book of family dice games, comes to a close today, making this your last chance to take advantage of the Kickstarter bargain! This book includes over 20 new dice games, all for use with six-sided dice, and there are a limited number of the special reward levels still available.

The project is scheduled to deliver in 2022, but there is a holiday reward level that is set to ship in November. If you are looking for several gifts to share with friends and family – or to keep for yourself (we won't judge) – don't miss the $225 level!

If you spot this message after the campaign has closed, please follow us on Kickstarter so that you don't miss out on our future projects. We run two accounts  Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 – and each serves up different types of projects throughout the year. How many projects per year? That varies, but we can report that in 2021 we have run a combined total of eight Kickstarter campaigns . . . and five of those have already been delivered! Of the remaining three (one of which is Random Fun Generator 2), two are in the final stages of fulillment.

Join the Random Fun Generator 2 project today!

-- Phil Reed

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