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September 29, 2021: Crowdfunding Focus: Iain Lovecraft's A Tale Of Two Cities


Three STL Kickstarters in two weeks? Seems like a lot, but this is a growing part of the hobby, and sometimes the good ones just come that fast.
Iain Lovecraft not only sculpts excellent sets of models at very good prices, he gives out free samples with each project. The samples aren't just a figure or two; they're things like an entire watchtower! They're well worth a print, and an excellent demonstration of how good the sculpts actually are.
These projects have a loyal group of backers, and it's easy to see why. The creator constantly interacts with the backers, whose suggestions for miniatures become stretch goals and "grab bag" elements. Previous projects are available as add-ons (for a limited time) as well.
This project is closing very soon, so check it out while you can.

-- Steve Jackson

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