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October 15, 2012: Nothing Can Stop The Convoy! (We Hope . . .)

Car Wars ConvoyIn the far-flung future of 2034 (wow, that's coming up, isn't it?!), the city of Memphis will fall unless someone can deliver vital supplies. Only you can transport the truck laden with lifesaving loot before disaster strikes!

You do have a valid drivers' license, right?

Car Wars Convoy is a programmed adventure -- ideal for a solo driver but usable for up to six players -- where the heroes' cavalcade has 13 hours to travel 400 miles from Lexington. It's sure to be a carefree trip, with absolutely no dangerous elements attempting to blow up you or your convoy. (And if you believe that, then we'd like to sell you one of the bridges you'll be driving over . . .) Drive offensively, Car Wars fans -- alone, or with friends!

-- Steven Marsh

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