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October 12, 2012: Meet Andreas!

[Image]Hey there folks! My name is Andreas, and I am your friendly Warehouse 23 Admin! A little background: I'm originally from Germany, but moved to South Florida when I was kid. I speak fluent German, some Spanish I picked up by immersion, and a little French from classes in college. Appropriately enough, I have a degree in Linguistics from Florida Atlantic University. In addition to languages, my hobbies include video games, board/card/dice games (of course), roleplaying games, karaoke, acting, comedy writing, experimental cooking, watching movies, seeing theatre, and going to concerts. I moved to Austin from Florida this past January, and I've been at Steve Jackson Games since April.

My duties here include keeping track of things around the Warehouse, answering questions on our forums, keeping our Men in Black field operatives supplied, disavowing all knowledge of MIB field missions* when something goes wrong, writing updates and announcements for the Warehouse 23 and SJ Games websites, and generally keeping the Warehouse Manager, Liegh, sane by handling all the little things that she's too busy to get to.

Warehouse 23 has been a fascinating place to work so far. There's never a dull moment and always something new to learn. Right now, there's a [REDACTED] sitting on my desk, looking at me expectantly. Probably has something to do with Project [REDACTED]. I should probably call the lab, in case [REDACTED] happens.

Take care!

*Seriously. I practice that "disavowing knowledge" thing in my mirror in the morning. I'm starting to get really good at it.

-- Andreas Stein

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