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May 24, 2011: Comicpalooza

This weekend I'll be at Comicpalooza in Houston. I have two scheduled events:

  • Friday the 27th at 6pm - I will participate in a general game hobby panel. We'll be talking about roleplaying as social networking.
  • Saturday the 28th at 1pm - the big Munchkin announcement! We've been teasing you mercilessly about this one. So at Comicpalooza the wraps will come off. After the announcement I'll talk about other new and upcoming stuff, show off some prototypes, and answer questions. 

The con runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I will be spending exactly as much time as I feel like there, being a fanboy, helping out at the Lego tables, and demo-ing with the Men In Black. In fact, I had originally planned to go as a fan. The con was kind enough to offer me a microphone for The Announcement . . . but mostly I'll be playing games, indulging my Lego addiction, and generally wandering around enjoying a big convention.

See you there, I hope!

-- Steve Jackson

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