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May 14, 2023: Kickstarter Reports, May 2023 Update

We're as hard at work shipping funded Kickstarter campaigns as we are preparing new projects for launch. Recent changes have shuffled our schedule around a bit, slipping a few new items into the calendar as planned projects have been pushed back a tad. We have a very, very big Munchkin Kickstarter campaign in the planning -- and creative! -- stage that we're hoping to crowdfund this summer, and that's a massive enough undertaking that a handful of smaller works are now pushed into the second half of 2023.

Overall, our Kickstarter efforts continue to perform as desired: funding a small number of our new releases while raising awareness of some titles that are already in our warehouse. Read on to see the active projects . . . and please follow us on Kickstarter  Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23  to see what comes next.

Steve Jackson Games' GURPS Print-On-Demand Extravaganza

  • May 10 to May 15 (currently live; closes Monday)
  • 241 backers and counting!
  • The team is hard at work getting the next five titles ready for POD.

Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Monster Seeds

  • April 24 to April 27
  • 476 backers and on schedule
  • At print and expected to ship to backers late this month or in June. All is proceeding nicely.

Choose Cthulhu – Solitaire Gamebooks by Steve Jackson Games

  • March 27 to April 6
  • 960 backers and on schedule
  • The survey stage is wrapping up and we'll start distributing Kickstarter rewards this month.

Steve Jackson Games' Hack & Slash Game, Plus New Promo Cards

  • March 8 to March 16
  • 586 backers and on schedule
  • Everything is now in the Austin warehouse and we're expecting to complete shipping all rewards before the end of this month. 

Wiz-War, Tom Jolly's Classic Boardgame Returns!

  • January 23 to February 2
  • 1,769 backers and on schedule
  • We're officially looking at shipping the rewards in June. Wiz-War was received in our primary fulfillment warehouse in Georgia last week!

Munchkin Witches, 30 Cards for Steve Jackson's Munchkin

  • October 31 to November 10
  • 984 backers and officially running late
  • Container delays have pushed fulfillment officially into June. The good news, though, is that the container has finally arrived and this project should be only a month late . . . which is essentially on schedule for the average Kickstarter project.

For more news on upcoming projects, please join our mailing lists by visiting this page and signing on today!

What's next? Most likely, the Tribes Pocket Box, and then finally, Groo! We do not yet have exact launch dates for our next Kickstarter campaigns, so please follow both Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 on Kickstarter so that you don't miss anything.

-- Phil Reed

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