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May 5, 2023: GAMA Trade Show: Victory!

Last week, our team attended the GAMA Trade Show in Reno, where we met with retailers of all sizes and showed off several of our recent releases and upcoming new games. Our booth, demo, and sales crew did a phenomenal job, and I was proud of everyone's work and how incredible the booth looked. I didn't spend much time on the show floor – most of my energy was devoted to meetings – but each time I walked by, the booth was busy, and every single time, it looked amazing. Thank you to the crew for their hard work!

So. What games were we showing off at the convention?

  • Groo: The Game, of course, which was played again and again at the demo events. Retailers were happy at how everything looked, and the time invested in the development and production of the game looks to have been well worth the effort. If you're interested in Groo, we're happy to report that it is (finally!) headed to Kickstarter later this month. With luck, we'll successfully fund and deliver the games before the holiday season.
  • Tabloids. This new design by Steve was popular in playtests Retailer feedback tells us that we're on the right track, and this is likely to be a favorite party game for those who love poking fun at the world and today's crazed, unbelievable news cycles. You can learn more about Tabloids in this Daily Illuminator post.
  • Wiz-War drew attention with the Phil Foglio art on the box and standies. Lots of people remembered the old editions of the game and were enthusiastic about a new one. This one is on the boat and will be shipping soon.
  • Gelatinous, also now in a second edition, was a hit as always. The new packaging turned out excellently, and there's no denying the simple joy of rolling a handful of dice and racing the other players to build a green cube of ooze before anyone else.

Thank you to everyone, from the retailers to the other publishers, who took the time to chat about the industry. This is a beautiful show, and we're looking forward to attending the convention at the new Kentucky location in 2024!

-- Phil Reed

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