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May 5, 2012: Shirt.Woot Has A Board Game Derby!

If you have met me anywhere but at a convention, the chances are very good that I've been wearing something from shirt.woot. (Approaching 100%, to be honest.) Woot.com and its offshoots make up one of the earliest "one a day, every day" shopping sites. Woot shirts run the gamut from horrible puns to really geeky to gorgeous -- often all three at once.

Every week, they run a contest for new shirt designs where customers vote on which three designs will get made and sold. It's called the Derby, and this week's Derby #250 has the theme of board games. (They gave Zombie Dice and Munchkin a nice shout-out, too -- thanks for that, guys!) The submissions went up for votes yesterday and voting will stop next Thursday, so head on over there! You have to have made at least one purchase on any Woot site to vote, but we figure most of our fans have the same taste in geeky shirts that we do . . .

(Private note to the Woot gang: Carrolton isn't that far from Austin . . . we oughta do a game day!)

-- Andrew Hackard

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