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March 8, 2024: Name Your Images

Here's a quick tip: If you're a digital packrat who likes to download memes, comics, etc., chances are whatever you download has a nonsensical file name generated by some humorless computer sitting atop a throne of . . . I don't know, other computers. The metaphor got away from me.

Anyway, as soon as you download it, name it whatever you would want to use to search for it in the future. If it's, say, a funny Dork Tower webcomic with a "SMARSH" sound effect, then name it Dork Tower mention of SMARSH.jpg. We're decades past the era where you were only permitted single-digit characters to name a file; make the file system sweat with as lengthy an explanation as you need.

Doing so will make it a kajillion times easier to find in the future with your computer's "search" function, should the need arise.

-- Steven Marsh

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