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July 29, 2022: Pathfinder Revolution! Kickstarter Relaunch Coming This Fall

The gates to Korvosa have closed a bit early, as we've chosen to cancel our Kickstarter for Pathfinder Revolution! with plans to relaunch this fall.This wasn't an easy decision, but we felt it was the right move to make this game as successful as possible. We wrote an update that details some of the reasoning, but in short, we felt that we needed to bring costs down to provide something a bit more affordable for backers, and perhaps include the 5- and 6-player content from the start. The costs of game production, from raw materials to shipping and more, have gone up dramatically over the past few years, and the price reflects that current reality. However, we hope we can work with our factory to bring it down a bit further. This may, oddly enough, increase the funding goal and remove the stretch goal, thus providing a more complete game and a more successful project overall.

Follow us on Kickstarter and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date when we relaunch this fall. We're looking forward to bringing Pathfinder Revolution! back for round two. We believe this is the ultimate Revolution! experience, and we can't wait for you to get a chance to play it!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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