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July 23, 2022: GURPS Adaptations Now Available On Demand!

GURPS Adaptations

Have you ever had a favorite fictional setting and wished that there was a GURPS version? We can't get every license, but we can do the next best thing, and give you the tools to do it yourself. To that end, may we humbly suggest GURPS Adaptations? It's now available in print, for the first time, thanks to the popular On Demand program!

Written by the inimitable William H. Stoddard (author of the award-winning GURPS Social Engineering, also recently offered in print), this supplement guides you through how to bring other settings to the gaming table, with insight into getting the big picture right; adapting descriptions of people, places, and things for use in games; and crafting suitable adventure possibilities. The supplement does so through six worked examples, demonstrating how you might add some GURPS-y goodness to the Odyssey, Dracula, and other classics.

With Adaptations, bringing worlds alive is easier than ever. Get it as you like it, in print, on demand!

-- Steven Marsh

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