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July 24, 2012: Casual Game Insider on Kickstarter

We recently backed the Casual Game Insider Magazine on Kickstarter. This new publication was developed by Chris and Melanie James, our friends over at Stratus Games. They are working on a quarterly magazine to help spread awareness about fast-playing games like Cthulhu Dice to fans and retailers and they need your help to do it. Backers who support the magazine can choose from a variety of rewards and get free games -- including Zombie Dice!

According to their guidelines, Zombie Dice is the perfect casual game because it doesn't require a lot of strategy, can be played in under an hour, and the game can be set up and taught in under ten minutes. Other casual games offered include Castle Panic, Incan Gold, and a few other fun (and quick) games.

Love casual games and want to find out more? Hop on over to Kickstarter and pledge to make Casual Game Insider happen!

-- Monica Valentinelli

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