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July 10, 2012: Back In The Shadows Again

ShadowrunShadowrun was my second RPG experience: I have fond memories of playing it in one of the study rooms in the library during lunch hour in my freshman year of high school. No other game setting gives you the chance to play a cybered-up Troll Street Samurai bopping around the shadows of a dystopian future where magic has returned to the world and mega-corporations rule the populace while trying to undermine each other through various unsavory means. So imagine my elation when I learned we would be selling Shadowrun at Warehouse 23! We are proud to carry the 20th Anniversary Edition Core Rulebook published by Catalyst Game Labs, along with a large variety of supplements packed full of weapons, cybernetics, magic, and story hooks to get your Shadowrun game off to a good start.

So if you, too, are feeling wistful, or if you're just looking for a great roleplaying game that blends fantasy and cyberpunk genres, I suggest you pick up your copy at Warehouse 23.

-- Andreas Stein

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