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July 3, 2020: Car Wars Sixth Edition Avalanche Miniature And Wreck Mini


One of my favorite miniatures designs in the new Car Wars Sixth Edition game is the Avalanche, a beast that is included in Car Wars Miniatures Set 3 (which is inside the Double Ace box that you can pre-order today). This heavily armed and armored autoduel machine looks like it would slaughter almost anything you may encounter on the road . . . but there's always a chance that even the toughest of combat cars will be defeated and destroyed . . .

. . . which is where the Car Wars Wrecks expansion comes into play! It includes four different wreck minis. Use them to replace vehicles lost in play, or litter the arena before the game even starts. Would you like a particularly tough arena? Grab two copies of the Wrecks expansion and clutter up that battlespace with eight different wrecks that the autoduellists will have to dodge while racing across the arena and looking for a clear shot.

Pre-order Car Wars Sixth Edition today and and get ready to face the Avalanche and 31 other minis designs when the game ships late this year.

-- Phil Reed




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