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January 27, 2024: Going, Going, Gone?

Illuminati Blackout Hat

Deluxe Dice Bag: Kitten Caster

We've had the new Warehouse 23 storefront for almost a year now, and I'm still learning cool bits about it. Case in point: I just realized that I can ask it to show me which items we only have a handful of left.

This is very cool . . . and by "cool," I mean "somewhat dangerous," as I find myself tempted by these items that might be going out of stock soon. However, I'm knocking the credit card out of my hand long enough to let you know a few particularly interesting items that had six or fewer in warehouse at the time I wrote this.

• The Illuminati Blackout Hat is a black-on-black ball cap design, in a "goth" meets "[FNORD]" aesthetic. As of this writing, we've only got six left.

• Several sizes of the Gaymes Rainbow Eye-in-Pyramid Pride Shirt are very close to being sold out, with a couple sizes already all gone! If you've been eyeing this Pride-filled apparel, you might want to act quickly.

• The Deluxe Dice Bag: Kitten Caster is a . . . wait. Look at this thing! IS IT PART OF MY COLLECTION ALREADY?!?! Ahem. Anyway, depending on how quickly I can check my shelf and/or fumble with my wallet, we have no more than four of these cuties left.

The store has other items with limited stock, but these are a few that caught my eye and seem most in danger of disappearing so that they can make way for other new and interesting goodies. Get them before they get gone!

-- Steven Marsh

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