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January 8, 2015: ChupacabraCon Is This Weekend!


We at Steve Jackson Games love conventions! They're a great opportunity for us to get out there and meet you, the fans, and play games with you. The problem is, we just aren't able to go to every con out there in an official capacity.

ChupacabraCon is a local convention here in Austin, and in its second year. It's getting bigger, and a lot of industry guests are showing up. I went last year and had a great time, and they invited me to come back again this year. It's only fifteen minutes from where I live, so how could I refuse?

As a company, Steve Jackson Games isn't officially attending ChupacabraCon. That said, we are sending a MIB or two to demo some games for you, and more than one SJ Games staffer (myself included) will be there in an unofficial or semi-official capacity. If you're in the Austin area (or will be) and want to meet some of us (or some other great guests!), drop on by!

-- Brian Engard


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