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August 16, 2012: Martians, Martians Everywhere

We're pleased to announce Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks, a new 15-card booster slated for next year! It's based on the original Mars Attacks trading card set from The Topps Company, which chronicles the invasion of Earth by hostile Martian invaders. If you don't know much about the original cards, go here -- they're awesome and over-the-top, something we tend to appreciate in the World of Munchkin.

Here's what Steve had to say about it:

"We are going to be completely faithful to the original Mars Attacks concepts. We are going to blow things up without reason or mercy or even very good aim. We will continue until the squashy Earthmen force us back to make a last stand on our dying desert home. It's them or us."

I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords. When it hits stores in Summer 2013, I hope you will, too.

You can read the full text of the press release here.

-- Leonard Balsera

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