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September 30, 2023: Game Stores In All Sizes

I recently realized one aspect that's pretty special about the tabletop gaming industry: neat, cool, game stores can be found in pretty much every size. I've been in palatial stores that offered myriad options and gaming areas. I've also found amazing treasures sitting on the shelves of tiny shops tucked into a bustling downtown. I recently saw a plethora of places, because my kiddo's need for driving hours to earn his license meant we visited pretty nearly every game store within a two-hour drive.

This ability to surprise at any size contrasts with walking into a tiny hardware store (for example); my first thought isn't, "Oh! Maybe they have those out-of-print nails I've been looking for!"

If you want new places to visit, one helpful resource is the Store Finder on this humble site. And if you have a favorite store in your area that isn't in this database, please let them know about this service and provide the URL the next time you go in to discover your own table treasure . . . big or small.

-- Steven Marsh

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