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October 3, 2011: We Can't Tell You What's For Sale

GURPS Classic Faerie

When a new release comes out, the rules of marketing generally say you should mention the product's name anywhere between two and 85,000 times, so potential customers remember what you're plugging. However, we just released a GURPS Classic supplement on e23 . . . and, unfortunately, the subject matter doesn't like to be referred to by name. It's much safer to speak of them euphemistically.

So I can tell you that GURPS Classic: Faer . . . (whoops!) gives a description of the Fair Folk: their nature, their types, a look at Wee Folk from around the world, and more. I can let you know that it provides descriptions of their strange realms, psychologies, and magic. I can inform you that there are GURPS Third Edition templates and abilities described for the Kindly Ones. I can tell you also there's a sidebar about how they're offended by being called faer . . . er, certain things. And when they're offended, they have ways of making their displeasure known.

So, by all means, purchase this fine volume. Use its extensive advice to build a standalone campaign that focuses on the Forgetful People. Incorporate the Good Neighbors into your horror, fantasy, or even science-fiction campaigns. Just don't refer to them by name . . . and no matter how amazing a supplement it is, don't refer to GURPS Classic: Faerie by name, either.

Wait! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry! Nnnnoooooooooooooo . . .

-- Steven Marsh

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