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November 30, 2012: Crowdfunding Focus: Perilous Pyramids

We like pyramids here. This shouldn't surprise anyone.

A new company here in Austin called Broke In Games is Kickstarting their first card game, Perilous Pyramids.

From their website:

It is the late 19th century and a golden age for the world's archeologists. One by one, daring and intelligent academics dig out, catalogue, and explore a world forgotten by time and sealed away by stone. The pyramids are but open doors to the past -- if you can survive the dangers left by their former owners.

Players take on the role of these archeologists and compete to be the first to reach and successfully explore the central chamber of a yet unexplored pyramid. But it is a perilous encounter as each of the pyramid's chambers contain challenges that will test even the most hardened archeologist.

Go check it out! Their Kickstarter is slated to end on December 6th.

-- Leonard Balsera

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