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November 28, 2012: A Shirt For Every Occasion!

Munchkin Polo ShirtA lot of you like to express your fandom of our games by wearing stuff, and we think that's awesome. But not all of our wearables are necessarily appropriate for all settings -- that hot pink Chibithulhu T-shirt isn't exactly going to get rave reviews at that next business casual dinner, at the country club, or when you finally get to meet the parents. Sadly, in those situations, we're stuck with hiding our geekery.

Until now.

We're jazzed to announce our new, classy Munchkin Polo Shirt! It comes in black with the Munchkin head logo in gold, and is perfect for semi-formal occasions. And of course, it comes with a new rule.

Quantities are limited, so you'll want to get your shirt before these babies are gone! Find them at (and only at) Warehouse 23!

-- Leonard Balsera

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