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November 1, 2012: SJ At Convolution!

Convolution is a new SF/fantasy/media convention near San Francisco. I'm going to be one of the Guests of Honor . . . and I'm bringing the Steampunk Chaos Machine! Malcolm Kudra, the most technical of the Chaos Wranglers, will there as well. This should be a very good iteration of the Machine.

I'm especially excited about two of my fellow GoHs:

  • Howard Tayler, creator of Schlock Mercenary, one of my very favorite webcomics. Howard is also a fan of the Chaos Machine, so I hope he gets the chance to do a bit of gadgeteering. I am very proud to call Howard a friend, and I'm grinning out loud right now because I'm going to get some actual random conversation time with him.
  • Steven Brust, author of, among other things, the Vlad Taltos stories that started with Jhereg. Steven is one of the good guys, and I have not seen him for years, so I'm really looking forward to a bit of catching up.

-- Steve Jackson

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