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May 24, 2020: Crowdfunding Focus: DIAMOND d4


I've known Ed Bourelle of SkeletonKey Games for several years now. Back in the dark ages of the mid-2000s, Ed and I worked together on several projects, and I am happy to report that his cartography and game tiles are attractive, functional, and a great buy for gamemasters who need square-grid maps.

Now, Ed is taking a stab at creating a new eight-sided die that serves as a d4. Numbered one through four twice, the DIAMOND d4 is now funding on Kickstarter and would make a great addition to any dice collection. I've backed the project -- how can I resist new dice -- and I encourage you to check out and join the project today!

-- Phil Reed

NOTE: We have our own eight-sided d4 in the works, as a companion to the d12/d3 that we released late last year (available at Warehouse 23). Our new die is a d8/d4 that can be used as either an eight-sider or as a four-sider. It's not identical to Ed's DIAMOND d4 design, but there are enough similarities that we wanted to mention our own design. Where will our new d8/d4 see release? On Warehouse 23, of course, but then it will also make an appearance in the new edition of Wiz-War that Steve has been working on.

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