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May 9, 2022: Kickstarter Reports, May 2022 Update

Out of our four open campaigns, two are in the fulfillment stage, one is on the ocean, and the fourth is at print. (And a U.S.-based printer, so we should see the material delivered to Warehouse 23 late this month.) Overall, 2022 has been a good year for our Kickstarter efforts and we're launching more before the year ends.

Please follow us on Kickstarter  Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23  to receive notice when we launch new campaigns.

Steve Jackson Games' Knightmare Chess Variants and Options

  • Celebrating the return of Knightmare Chess, this project brings the existing variants and optional rules to life in a dedicated, A6-sized booklet that you can pack in the game box. There will be a PDF reward, a print reward, and reward levels that include both the 32-page booklet and the newest printing of Knightmare Chess. Please follow the project page for notification when the new campaign launches.

The Fantasy Trip Quick Quests 6 and 7, Two New Adventures

  • April 12 to April 25
  • 703 backers and on schedule
  • The material is at print. We expect to open the BackerKit surveys for this project within the next few weeks.

Steve Jackson's Munchkin Presents Batman

GURPS Girl Genius

  • October 20 (2021) to November 8 (2021)
  • 2,915 backers and now shipping
  • Fulfillment in the U.S. and Canada is underway and will be finalized before the end of this month. EU and UK shipping was completed earlier this year. This is the last time this project will appear on this report.

Car Wars Sixth Edition by Steve Jackson Games

  • November 29 (2019) to January 6 (2020)
  • 3,936 backers, behind schedule
  • We are waiting for the UK and Australia rewards to reach the fulfillment sites and then mail out to backers. U.S. fulfillment was completed before the end of 2021. EU shipping is expected to complete this month. As you can tell, global shipping continues to be a mess.

Wiz-War and Groo  a combined project for two different games  is under construction and while we do not yet have a launch date, the joint campaign is getting closer to entering the funding period. The Pocket Box 2 games are expected to reach Kickstarter later this summer (if all goes well on the fulfillment of active projects). We also have a few other small projects (including new t-shirts) to sprinkle in here and there, so please follow both Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 on Kickstarter so that you don't miss anything.

-- Phil Reed

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