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June 24, 2024: Join The Quest To Become A Warlock Knight!

Warlock Knight

Warlock Knight is a programmed solo adventure for starting characters in The Fantasy Trip. Battle strange monsters in the wild, explore labyrinths, face danger on the high seas, and meet brave companion in the always-dangerous Warlock Kingdoms of Sedra.

The campaign for David Pulver's sixth solo adventure for The Fantasy Trip with Gaming Ballistic, Warlock Knight, launched on Backerkit Crowdfunding on Tuesday, June 18. It funded in only 22 minutes.

Warlock Knight is more of a sandbox campaign than some others. It is targeted at brand spankin' new characters and makes for a great way for a new GM and player(s) to get used to The Fantasy Trip and kick off a new set of adventures. While not required, it is set on the Isle of Sedra, a self-contained setting that also plays home to Ironskull Castle, Dragon Hunt!, the adventures of Belladonna (vampire and monster hunter extraordinaire), and the Scorpion Labyrinth. There's lots to do . . . and lots of Decks of Destiny-style NPC and monster cards to help you do it!

Pledges include digital and physical offerings, including Warlock Knight and supporting card decks, the Sedra setting and support materials (useful but not required), and of course, the other solos from Gaming Ballistic by David. If you're new to The Fantasy Trip, there's a Give Me Everything level that includes 10 books and well over 500 double-size monster and NPC cards.

As one of SJGames licensing partners, the campaign also offers some of the limited number of remaining physical copies of Old School Monsters, and is currently the only way to get a copy of The Fantasy Trip Bestiary if you didn't get it during the Kickstarter! The "more things with which to scourge your players" trifecta is rounded out by The Book of Unlife. And if you're new to The Fantasy Trip, you can of course obtain the core rules: In the Labyrinth is available in both PDF and softcover print format; Melee is always available for free from SJGames, but the Gaming Ballistic material is all written assuming you have In the Labyrinth.

This is a short-lived campaign: It ends Friday, June 28, at 8:30pm Central.

Check out the campaign details, and jump on board with a suitable pledge!

-- Douglas Cole

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