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June 6, 2022: New Fantasy Trip Kickstarter From Gaming Ballistic!

The small County of Lorne and the Barony of Prufax face an impending invasion from the omnipresent orcs from the northwest. The two realms, long-time rivals, have arranged an alliance – cemented by marriage between the two houses.
Lorne's chief retainers must deliver the betrothed (and of course, her lady's maid) to the altar in time for the wedding. It's a simple escort mission; surely nothing could go wrong.
You can almost hear a calm, resonant voice saying "Things do go wrong" in the background.
Till Death Do Us Part is the fourth programmed adventure from Gaming Ballistic, played using the In the Labyrinth rules from The Fantasy Trip. You won't need a GM, but there are plenty of options to play with one if desired. Branching paragraphs direct you from encounter to encounter as you make choices. Three characters are provided: a knight, a mercenary soldier, and a ranger. All are 35 points, making them a bit tougher than the 32 points given to starting characters in the game.

Development Schedule

Initial playtesting and feedback have been VERY positive, and development is well underway. It's written. It's laid out. It has a cover, and all the art is in commission. While print fulfillment is always a toss-up, I expect PDFs to be available promptly.
  • Kickstarter Launch: June 7
  • Kickstarter End: June 20, 10 p.m. Central Time
  • Backerkit Start: by June 30
  • Backerkit End: no later than July 10
Follow the campaign and be notified when it launches!

-- Douglas Cole

Till Death

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