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December 7, 2011: Dear Santa . . .

Dear Santa, for Christmas this year I would really love it if you would bring me the Star Wars Clone Trooper life-size bust that Sideshow Collectibles has up for pre-order. Seriously, Santa, just look at the size of it. And imagine how awesome it would be to display that life-size bust next to the full-size (and wearable!) Iron Man helmet that I have in my living room. As you know, Santa, my living room is loaded with more toys and statues than is right . . . but I promise to make room for this amazing work of art. Maybe it would go well next to my massive M.O.D.O.K. statue . . .

So now that I've asked Santa for a ridiculous gift it's time for you to let me know what you want Santa to bring you this year. Post your response in our forums!

-- Phil Reed

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