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December 4, 2011: Car Wars Times Twelve

It's always neat to see Car Wars in 3-D. At Dexcon in New Jersey this past July, the Tri State Auto Rally (TSAR) ran a Division 30 event at 12 times regular game scale . . . which works out to 1/16 of "real" size. And now I have pictures, which I will share! If you're on Facebook, you can see the whole set here.

If you're among the many who have dropped FB due to <vent vent grumble> privacy considerations or just general disgust with the interface </vent vent grumble>, you don't need to join just to see the pretty cars. This picture lets you see just how large-scale this event really was, and this one shows the same arena with a few cars and a lot of smoke and flame. Those bases are a foot long and a half-foot wide!

Now that's what I call an arena. And word is that they'll be doing this every July until further notice, which is a reason to check out Dexcon!

-- Steve Jackson

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