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August 23, 2023: Go Koboldly Where No One's Gone Before, With GURPS Fantasy Folk: Kobolds

GURPS Fantasy Folk: Kobolds

You've learned the secrets of goblins and hobgoblins recently. But what other fantastic secrets await your discovery? Perhaps you might ask . . . their cousins? GURPS Fantasy Folk: Kobolds is a short-and-sweet supplement – from the magnificent mind of Phil Masters – that brings you insight into these pokey-toothed persons.

Once you uncover the origins of kobolds, you can use the included templates, professions, gear, and rules to add them to your campaign. Whether you need a threat that might be deadly or not-so-serious, interesting folks you can add to the wilds or underworld, or an unorthodox heroic option, Kobolds is the guide that provides. Download this bite-sized supplement today, only from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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