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August 7, 2023: "There Is No News"

A while ago, I stumbled across this short article, about how – on April 18, 1930 – the BBC news service announced that there was no news, and then proceeded to play music for the rest of the segment.

As a gamer, my mind immediately pivoted to the possibilities of this preternaturally quiet, seemingly invisible day. (Time to open up GURPS Timeline and GURPS Illuminati!) But it also made me realize: Sometimes around here, we simply don't have much to report, because we all at the company have our heads down and are working on making the best games and gaming goodies we can.

-- Steven Marsh

(Postscript from SJ: One of these days we'll reprint Timeline, and we're going to add the no-news day to the entry for 1930. What do you suppose was going on that was so momentous that the Beeb itself had to join the cover-up? Or, in the alternative, why were the Times of London and its New York counterpart both publishing fake news on a day when, really, nothing happened?)


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