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April 27, 2023: Ending On Kickstarter Today: Dungeon Fantasy Monster Seeds


Our tiny, tiny "Quickstarter" project is coming down to the final hours, and now's your last chance to join in the campaign before it ends!

If you're unsure of what this current Kickstarter campaign offers, then we recommend clicking here to see the project page and place your pledge before the timer runs out. For a very, very good look at the content of this new booklet, you can find all of the game content free online! Please see this post in our forums for links to the different monster seeds that were originally created to promote the Monsters 2 book.

The creative work is done and we've already run a print test. Once the project ends, then we'll pull the trigger on the full print run and move into the survey and fulfillment stage as fast as possible. If all goes well, we'll be able to deliver the rewards as estimated in the campaign's description.

If you happen to spot this after the Kickstarter campaign has closed, then please remember that we offer the entire Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game on our online store, Warehouse 23. The Monster Seeds book will be released there later this summer, after we have shipped the Kickstarter backers their rewards.

Click here to support this latest GURPS expansion on Kickstarter while there's still time!

-- Phil Reed

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