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April 18, 2023: Groo: The Game Coming To Kickstarter!


First published in 1996, this fast-playing card game featuring the art and characters of Sergio Aragonés has been tough to find for – not mere years – but a few decades. Now, with your support, we'll launch an updated edition that includes both the basic game and the original expansion . . . all in one box!  Steve loves this game and never gave up during the lengthy process of securing the rights . . . and we all enjoyed the playtests. Groo: The Game is as you remember it; most of our work was just aimed at making the cards easier to read and then clarifying the rules.

What is Groo? Let's take a peek at the game's back cover copy:

Try to build a town without having it stomped to rubble by Groo in this quick, silly game illustrated by the great Sergio Aragonés!

Groo the Wanderer is the classic fantasy hero . . . brave, daring, and completely brainless. When Groo comes to town, armies melt away and buildings fall. He doesn't MEAN it . . . it just happens.

You'll roll dice for resources and use them for buildings (which create victory points) and armies (which knock down other players' buildings and defend your own). Groo moves randomly, always with the best of intentions, destroying all that he encounters. Up to six can play . . . and the more, the merrier!

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-- Phil Reed


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