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April 5, 2024: Keep On Track With Ogre Record Cards

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 18: Power Items

Dealing out damage in your next game of Ogre? Do it in style with the new set of Ogre Record Cards, available from DriveThruCards!

These cards are a great companion for both Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Miniatures. Designed to match the format pioneered in Sixth Edition, these cards keep essential stats and damage at your fingertips. (If you plan on using these to track damage, we recommend clear sleeves, because not all dry-erase markers play nice with apocalyptic armaments.)

More than a mere reprint or compilation, this set is the first time we've included the Paneuropean Legionnaire and Huscarl in card form. And the collection also includes enough Mark I and Pikeman cards to overwhelm any enemy.

Grab a friend, grab some ogres, and start knocking out those treads!

-- David Chart

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