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September 16, 2012: Meet Daniel, Ogre Line Editor

Hi everyone, I'm Daniel, the new Ogre Line Editor (read: dogsbody, aide-de-camp, and general lackey for all things Ogre). I signed up in the wake of the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year -- the Daniel Jew, Ogre Line Editor position literally exists because of your support! I'm currently a part-time contractor based in Cambridge, UK, but the wheels are in motion for me to move to a position at Ogre Command in Austin later this year.

It's my job to serve all you Ogre fans out there as best as I can. In the past month or two that has involved grappling with stats for some of the more esoteric units in the upcoming Ogre Designer's Edition (like the Doppelsoldner), proofing over a thousand counters, checking the Pocket Ogre rulebook, running competitions at Continuum and Congenial, moderating the Ogre boards, and a dozen other things. I'm loving every minute of it!

Besides my lifelong passion for board games, an interest in history (I majored in Classical Studies) and a background in teaching, writing, and editing help me out as I learn on the job. I enjoy all kinds of games, but my special loves are wargames and thematic games. Guess what? Ogre -- along with other scifi games like Battletech -- is to me the perfect blend of the two. I love the rich and imaginative background universes which provide the backdrop for the action. I'm also active on BoardGameGeek as "Talorien." Feel free to add me as a GeekBuddy, and I'll return the favor!

-- Daniel Jew

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